About Us

Smart Solutions is a Saudi company that comprised of a diverse group of professionals with background in the fields of IT, e-commerce, marketing, and international trade. It established with our early service in 2002, providing businesses with telephone and mobile devices including its accessories. This was the beginning of a successful story that obtained a wide network of clients and partners who contributed to the expansion of our services. We provide dynamic services and professional support to assist organizations in digital transformation and remarkable commercial presence.                              

Smart Solutions continued growing with its international network and relation by importing and providing technology solutions for businesses. In 2010, the company signed several partnership agreements in India, and then established a branch in Hongkong in 2013. After that smart solutions opened a wide range window to the world through its branch in Guangzhou City, China during 2015. Soon After, the company awarded top 50 companies contributed in technology worldwide which brings Smart Solutions in a world-class position. 


At Smart Solutions, we have always believed in the importance of building a great, enduring relationship with our clients and provide comprehensive services. Our mission is helping businesses transform and improve branding through the development of their software, devices, and products as well as the effective utilization of technology and marketing.

We understand and value your needs and expectations and are committed to exceeding them by incorporating innovative solutions with a strong support. We combine innovative planning with tools and time to create a smart world full of colors and motion.